Prior to any land-management burning (grassland/CRP), a Prescribed Fire Plan meeting the requirements of Nebraska Revised Statute 81-520.05 shall be submitted to the Fire Chief for approval.

After the plan is reviewed and approved, the Fire Chief may issue a permit for land-management burning under the authority granted by Nebraska Revised Statute 81-520.04 and 81-520.01 which is subject to the rules and regulations adopted by the Southwest Rural Fire District.

A “Prescribed Fire Plan” template is available for download below.

We are aware that other Prescribed Fire Plan templates are available and published by other organizations; it is acceptable to submit other templates.

Submit your completed Prescribed Fire Plan to:

Please attach a .pdf or .jpg of an arial map of the burn location. 

The Lancaster County Assessor Website and Google Earth are good resources to provide arial map photos to outline your proposed burn area.

Questions and assistance regarding the plan can be sent to that email.

Please submit your Prescribed Fire Plan well in advance of your anticipated burn date.

After the Prescribed Fire Plan is reviewed, approved, and returned to the applicant via email; the applicant can then make request for a burn permit if the conditions of the Prescribed Fire Plan are met via the online BURN PERMIT request form on this website under “Burn Permits/Burn Permit Application”, please type in the description of materials to be burned section “Approved Prescribed Fire Plan on file with Southwest”.

Prescribed Fire Plan Template